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Men's 100% Water Resistant Poly Shell Poplin Muti-Function Vest W/4 Patch Pockets And T/C Plaid Lining. Men's Poly Fleece Vest Bonded With Contrast Sherpa Lining, Kangaroo Hand Pockets With Zipper Closure & Piping Arm Holes. Men's Polar Fleece Vest With Mesh Lining. 2 Hand Zipper Pockets & Piping Arm Holes.
Color: Black/#702Black/Gray, Black/Black, Khaki/#704D.Brown/Blue, Navy/#57Blue/Black, Charcoal/#707Black Ombre, Olive/#B22, Camo#400/H.Green Buffalo, Oak Tree Camo-Black/Olive Green Color: Khaki/Black, Black/Charcoal, Charcoal/Black, Navy Blue/H.Gray Color: Black, Navy, Charcoal, H.Gray
Size: A:2/s,4/m,4/l,2/xl; B:2/m,4/l,4/xl,2/2xl; C:5/3xl/,4/4xl,3/5xl; D:2/l,4/xl,4/2xl,2/3xl; 12pcs/box Size: Prepack:2/m,4/l,4/xl,2/2xl; 12pcs/box Size: Prepack:2/m,4/l,4/xl,2/2xl; 12pcs/prepack, 24pcs/box